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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Sooooooon To YouTube!

Hey Everyone! How is your weekend so far? I'm so glad that it's finally Saturday lol and I have a bit of free time~

Just wanted to thank LittleMissSammy for including PCD in her recent YouTube video ~ she is beyond AMAZING! You should all check out her videos :) About five minutes ago, I also created a YouTube account (click here to see it, it's a bit bland right now! But I'm working on it lol.) I think this will be a great way to better show you new pieces... now it will be easier to see length, size, etc, of the jewelry! So stay tuned for that... videos coming soon!

PCD has also been in the news lately on Parisky's and e.motion in motion's blog. And I should also mention Courtney's blog ~ even though it was much earlier this summer. Thanks girls!

Hope everyone has a great day,

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  1. you should add me on youtube!!! =] the friend link is somewhere... my link is: