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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~Oh My Stars~

Good Afternoon Everyone~

Just thought I'd make a shot post about a bracelet I just finished ~ It's "Oh My Stars!" ~ Complete with a center star in Light Sapphire, flanked by smaller crystal stars, then two Light Amethyst stars and lastly two small Light Sapphire stars... It's all about the stars! lol. This one's $40. Custom color options are available ~ just send me an email!

Hope everyone is having a good day~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~For The Moms Out There~

Good Morning~

I'm back and fully recovered from the baby shower this weekend lol it was quite an ordeal and a long drive... but it gave me an opportunity to do some mom pieces, so I'm glad for that. For the expecting mother, I did a "Home is Where the Heart is" necklace in Sapphire ~ I thought this was the perfect thing because her and her daughter will have the same birthstone, so she can wear it now and then her daughter can wear it as she gets older and it sort of commemorates a very important moment and tie between their lives ^_^

I also did a piece for a new mother, this one I'm calling the "Mommy & Me" bracelet~

It features the mom's brithstone in a 14mm heart, which is then accompanied by the baby's birthstone in a 10mm heart ~ so cute! The great thing about this bracelet is how customizable it is... If someone has two kids, the 14mm heart can be centered on the bracelet with each child's birthstone on the sides... If someone has three kids, the 10mm birthstone hearts could be spaced around the bracelet with bicone or star beads inbetween... Five kids and the 10mm birthstone hearts could be the whole bracelet... the possibilities are just endless! Especially when everyone has a family that is unique. Can't really give a price on these, since they would be customized for each individual person and their family, so send me an email if you're interested. I'm really excited about these bracelets... as you can probably tell! lol, they are just a great way to symbolize a family~

Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

~Ethereal Collection~


Super quick post here as I am getting late to a baby shower XD

Here is the "Ethereal" Collection... Many people (Twilight and Harry Potter fans mostly) have been asking about something like this, so they can wear it to tie in with their favorite book or to wear to go see the movies... So here it is~

Earrings first, there are six designs~ I only showed one of each pair so that they would all line up in one photo, so consider each one it's own separate pair~

Next is a necklace~

And an adorable charm bracelet~

I can also make this bracelet with a clear moon ~ price on this one is $25

And I can make the following charm bracelets in clear Swarovski Crystals as well~

Hope everyone enjoys! Sorry for such a short post, I've got to hurry and go get ready now, but if you have any questions leave me a comment~


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Single Pendant Bracelet

Good Evening~

I had a pretty busy day today, went to a new bead store that I just heard of a couple of days ago... It was a long drive, which I had hoped would be worth it, but I got there and it was a total bust. They had crazy prices on everything, bad crazy lol, not good crazy, and a small selection... I bought an earring stand (which you might see in my post tomorrow) but I think I'm going to have to go back soon and switch it out because the holes that you put the earwires through are crooked :( Got home and hung my earrings on it before I noticed... They are very small holes but it's noticeable because it makes the earrings look like different lengths... So now I have to go back and hope they have a better one...

On a happier note, here is a cutely simple bracelet I put together before the bead store venture. Sterling Silver heart link chain, toggle, and bail accompanied by a 14mm heart pendant in Crystal Moonlight ~ that would go with any outfit. $30.

Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to have my "Etherial" collection up sometime tomorrow morning~
Oh and I also just created a new signature using Picnik... What do you think? Is it a keeper?

Friday, July 24, 2009


Good Afternoon Everyone~

Just thought I'd post up a photo of a necklace I put together this morning, the idea was a request from Sam though I used different colors (I'm in love with the Light Rose + Moonlight Crystal pairing right now!) Anyhow, this is the "Fairyland" Necklace ~ It sort of reminded me of the wondrous feeling of all the fairyland tv shows and movies that were popular when I was a kid... haha I used to be completely infatuated with them... I wanted to be the lead role and find my own fairytale garden with magical creatures that would be my friends! hahaha... now it sounds like I was a total nerd and had no friends XD but I did lol. I think this necklace is super cute!

14mm Swarovski heart in Crystal Moonlight and Light Rose flower hang from a heart chain, complete with a round toggle and leaf bails (all sterling silver). $35. Or $30 if you choose a 12mm flower.

Dinner with the extended family tonight ^_^ and then baby shower on Sunday... Stay tuned for photos of a custom order I did for the shower~

Thanks everyone~ Hope you like!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NEW Earring Collection + two other pieces and Q&A

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I was planning to post these photo much, much earlier this morning, but things did not go as planned ~ so sorry... We had a demonic (creepy would be an understatement here) dog hanging around our house last night that was jumping up to our windows and pawing at our door... at 4 in the morning! We had to wait for someone to come get him before I could go back to sleep so I was up for awhile... At one point I was watching him across the street and he went behind a half wall at our neighbors, and then out of no where I kid you not, I looked down and he was RIGHT under the window staring at me with this creepy look... I didn't even see him cross the well-lit street...

Also, I wanted to go over something that I've been getting email questions about; the difference between sterling silver and silver plated jewelry... Some have been wondering about the science behind the terms and what they mean... Basically, sterling silver is the closest to pure silver that can be used on jewelry ~ it is 92.5% silver, the rest is of another material, usually copper. The reason it is only 92.5% is because if it was a 100% it would be too soft of a metal to hold any kind of elegant shape after being put through use. Silver plated on the other hand, is when copper makes up most of the jewelry ~ The copper is "plated" or basically sprayed by machine with silver, this thin film of silver can be as small as an atom. As far as quality, you should always read what you are buying carefully and look for sterling silver because the silver color will not rub off (all silver can tarnish after years of use, but this takes about 3 seconds to rub away with a jewelry cloth) the silver on silver plated jewelry tends to rub off relatively quickly, and the jewelry then becomes copper color. If you want more info, you can read these two links: Sterling Silver and Silver Plated. Also to answer another question, I use ONLY sterling silver in my designs ~ there isn't a single thing, even down to tiny jump rings, that is not sterling silver in my designs.

Anyhow, I finally got up and took photos for the new earring collection ^_^ Here it is!

These are the "Diamonds in the Sky" earrings ~ they feature all sterling silver components, including earwires, jump rings, and heart chain that Swarovski crystal beads and 10mm hearts dangle from. I can make them with hearts in pretty much any color you can think of, or with flowers in Jonquil, Violet, Peridot, Aquamarine, Light Rose, and Crystal. $13.50
Next, is the "Evening Out" earring. 10mm Swarovski hearts dangle from heart chain ~ again, all components are sterling silver. Hearts available in many, many colors (email me with your color questions) as well as flowers in Jonquil, Violet, Peridot, Aquamarine, Light Rose, and Crystal. $12

Last, are the "Simple Elegance" earrings... These feature all sterling silver components and your choice of Swarovski pendant and color. Hearts, flowers and stars are available in the colors mentioned above. $10

This piece is something that came together while I was playing around with all the hearts I got to do earrings with. It's the "Trio" necklace~ it symbolizes my three best friends in the whole wide world! Three 10mm Swarovski hearts (shown in Crystal Moonlight, Silver Shadow, and Aquamarine, but I can make with any colors you'd like.) are hung from a sterling silver heart chain and round toggle with simple bails. $30
And finally, the charm bracelet from the sneak peek last night, "Moonlit Night" (Thanks to Puff for brainstorming with me and suggesting this name ^_^ it's super cute! Thank you!) This bracelet is on a sterling silver heart chain, finished with a round toggle. Swarovski crystal bicone beads flank the Golden Shadow moon and Light Sapphire stars~ Custom color options are available if you'd like. $40

Thanks everyone! Hope you like them all~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good Evening All!

I just wanted to show you a quick picture of what I've been working on... It's yet to be titled and added to the website but here is a sneak peek!

I am debuting this piece, as well as Pink Coast Design's FIRST EARRING COLLECTION (Can you tell I am excited??? Haha...) in the morning, when I will update with more information on the blog, as well as update the main site.

Thank you all for reading~ Come back tomorrow for a full tour of the new pieces ^_^


Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Photos

Thanks to everyone who has entered the contest so far ^_^

Several people are also listing the "Love & Courage" necklace as their favorite, so I took some new photos of it... website is updated and here is the new image!
Forgive the indoor lighting, it's not great this time of day... Siam heart Swarovski crystal is paired with a hanging star bead pendant ~ they go so well together :)

Thanks everyone~

Contest Update

Good morning!

I logged on this morning to find 6 great entries already in the contest ^_^ Thank you all! As a thank you, I have decided to offer 15% off one item to anyone who enters the contest (this will be confirmed by email - send me one at and is only applicable if all three rules of the contest are followed). I am very grateful to you all for your support!!!

The "Love, From Paris" necklace has been getting quite a lot of attention <3 Here it is in Rose~

Thanks again!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Contest to Celebrate Coming to Blogger!

Evening Everyone~

Now that my site and business have had some time to get settled I thought I'd start a Blogger so I can stay in faster contact with my customers. My hope is that this will be an easier way for everyone to see updates, but that they will still keep tabs on the main site ( I also hope that this will grow the business even further.

To celebrate the opening of the blog, I am hosting a contest... One lucky winner will win a "Morning Glory" Necklace!

As well as a tube of my favorite kind of chapstick and a nail polish ^_^

To join, please follow these steps:

1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Post the giveaway in an entry in your blog (Entry must contain a link to this blog, as well as to and a picture of your favorite piece.)
3. Leave a comment on this post with the url of your blog entry

Everyone who enters will receive 15% off one item (this is only applicable if all three rules are followed and you must send me an email at It's my thank you for all your support!

Thanks so much! Can't wait to see who wins ~ winner will be chosen by me and the contest will end August 22nd at midnight!