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Sunday, August 2, 2009

~Aquarium Trip~

Good Morning,

Sorry to not post for a few days, the end of the week was super busy with errands and appointments... Some fun yesterday though! Went to the aquarium~ the drive was kinda long and it was really hot out :( but the aquarium was a blast!

Sting Rays are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! lol... it's even better when you can pet them!!! They feel like boba, for those of you who have had boba, and for those who haven't ~ its an Asian drink where they put tapioca balls at the bottom... and the sting rays feel just like how the tapioca balls feel on your tongue ~ no joke! So soft~

In the spirit of the aquarium trip here is the "Barefoot on the Beach" necklace in Indicolite and Golden Shadow... love this one... reminds me of the trip ^_^

Enjoy everyone~


  1. isn't the aquarium so much fun! :)

  2. which aquarium did you went to? You should def. go to the GA Aquarium! largest in the worlddddd! haha. I heard Tennessee's aquarium seems bigger and more organized though.

  3. I love the aquarium ^_^ Haven't been in like a year... last time it was Sea World which was really fun... this time we went to an Arizona one but the drive was soooooooo long :( Hope I make it to the GA one sometime ~ Sounds so fun!

  4. great blog! check mine out if you get a chance! I LOVE your jewlery!