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Sunday, August 23, 2009

~Contest Winner~

Good Evening Everyone!

Sorry to take so long for this announcement, a week after moving, school has started for me and things are back to being very busy... lot's of practicing my Japanese and reading... But anyhow, I'm here to announce the winner of my "Coming to Blogger" Contest... I put everyone's username in a hat and pulled out a name... the winner is...

*Drum roll please*

e.motion in motion!

I cannot say enough thanks to everyone who entered, I am so thankful for your interest. Don't forget to use your 15% off ~ it's good for two more weeks!

Thank you all again,


  1. congrats to the winner, i bet she is gonna be super excited...waiting for her excitement post...hehe ^^

  2. congrats winners, come join my contest win Slim it yourself a box. :)

  3. SQUEEEEEEEE!! I can't believe it!! Thank you so much for having such a great contest and making all the lovely jewelry!!! Emailed you :D

  4. well done! i received my necklace the other day, amazingly lovely! xxx