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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NEW Earring Collection + two other pieces and Q&A

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I was planning to post these photo much, much earlier this morning, but things did not go as planned ~ so sorry... We had a demonic (creepy would be an understatement here) dog hanging around our house last night that was jumping up to our windows and pawing at our door... at 4 in the morning! We had to wait for someone to come get him before I could go back to sleep so I was up for awhile... At one point I was watching him across the street and he went behind a half wall at our neighbors, and then out of no where I kid you not, I looked down and he was RIGHT under the window staring at me with this creepy look... I didn't even see him cross the well-lit street...

Also, I wanted to go over something that I've been getting email questions about; the difference between sterling silver and silver plated jewelry... Some have been wondering about the science behind the terms and what they mean... Basically, sterling silver is the closest to pure silver that can be used on jewelry ~ it is 92.5% silver, the rest is of another material, usually copper. The reason it is only 92.5% is because if it was a 100% it would be too soft of a metal to hold any kind of elegant shape after being put through use. Silver plated on the other hand, is when copper makes up most of the jewelry ~ The copper is "plated" or basically sprayed by machine with silver, this thin film of silver can be as small as an atom. As far as quality, you should always read what you are buying carefully and look for sterling silver because the silver color will not rub off (all silver can tarnish after years of use, but this takes about 3 seconds to rub away with a jewelry cloth) the silver on silver plated jewelry tends to rub off relatively quickly, and the jewelry then becomes copper color. If you want more info, you can read these two links: Sterling Silver and Silver Plated. Also to answer another question, I use ONLY sterling silver in my designs ~ there isn't a single thing, even down to tiny jump rings, that is not sterling silver in my designs.

Anyhow, I finally got up and took photos for the new earring collection ^_^ Here it is!

These are the "Diamonds in the Sky" earrings ~ they feature all sterling silver components, including earwires, jump rings, and heart chain that Swarovski crystal beads and 10mm hearts dangle from. I can make them with hearts in pretty much any color you can think of, or with flowers in Jonquil, Violet, Peridot, Aquamarine, Light Rose, and Crystal. $13.50
Next, is the "Evening Out" earring. 10mm Swarovski hearts dangle from heart chain ~ again, all components are sterling silver. Hearts available in many, many colors (email me with your color questions) as well as flowers in Jonquil, Violet, Peridot, Aquamarine, Light Rose, and Crystal. $12

Last, are the "Simple Elegance" earrings... These feature all sterling silver components and your choice of Swarovski pendant and color. Hearts, flowers and stars are available in the colors mentioned above. $10

This piece is something that came together while I was playing around with all the hearts I got to do earrings with. It's the "Trio" necklace~ it symbolizes my three best friends in the whole wide world! Three 10mm Swarovski hearts (shown in Crystal Moonlight, Silver Shadow, and Aquamarine, but I can make with any colors you'd like.) are hung from a sterling silver heart chain and round toggle with simple bails. $30
And finally, the charm bracelet from the sneak peek last night, "Moonlit Night" (Thanks to Puff for brainstorming with me and suggesting this name ^_^ it's super cute! Thank you!) This bracelet is on a sterling silver heart chain, finished with a round toggle. Swarovski crystal bicone beads flank the Golden Shadow moon and Light Sapphire stars~ Custom color options are available if you'd like. $40

Thanks everyone! Hope you like them all~


  1. omg i love the first pair..and the second...and the flower ones...and...i love them all lol!

    Thats dam freaky about the dog tho! how werid :S

  2. Lol thank you!!! I know, I love them all too... Last night and this morning I kept looking at them over and over lol. Yeah the dog was like the weirdest thing I've ever seen! *_*

  3. I really like the first two pairs of earrings... and you have some scary dogs in your neighborhood -___- I don't think I would ever step outside the house unless someone come gets me. haha! at least you're safe.

  4. I agree, they are so eye-catching when they dangle like that... they are about an inch and a half long ~ so cute! haha... yeah we had a swarm of bees a couple weeks ago too... I guess animals just like our area lol.

  5. omgosh I'm in LOVE with the last bracelet!! its adorable
    I also love how you only use sterling silver. it lasts SOO much longer
    I need to start saving up!! I wanna make an order soon ><

  6. Thank you!!! Yeah, I agree ~ It's like why waste your time with anything of lower quality? I know I wouldn't want to buy something that wasn't sterling silver so I don't make anything unless it's sterling :) I'll be awaiting your order ^_^ lol it's so much fun to see what people pick out!

  7. You're welcome =D. Cute name for a super cute bracelet. Must save up >_< grrr.

    Oh dang...I'd be so freaked out if that dog was lurking around here! I wonder who are the owners...

    Thanks for the explanation on sterling silver vs plated!

  8. I'm not sure if it had owners... no collar or tags or anything... hmm... Yeah no probelem :) hope it cleared up some misconceptions...

  9. your jewelry is so gorgeous. i especially love the necklaces with three hearts. :)

    thank you so much for posting the difference between sterling silver and silver plated. i sometimes work the jewelry department and thanks to your blog post, i know what to tell customers about sterling silver now. i'm happy i learned something through your blog. :)

    great work with the jewelry. take care. :)

  10. Aww I'm glad~ Thank you so much! I hope you'll follow the blog and maybe enter the contest I have going. I'll try to post some more inforamtional things soon~ Thanks so much ^_^