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Friday, July 24, 2009


Good Afternoon Everyone~

Just thought I'd post up a photo of a necklace I put together this morning, the idea was a request from Sam though I used different colors (I'm in love with the Light Rose + Moonlight Crystal pairing right now!) Anyhow, this is the "Fairyland" Necklace ~ It sort of reminded me of the wondrous feeling of all the fairyland tv shows and movies that were popular when I was a kid... haha I used to be completely infatuated with them... I wanted to be the lead role and find my own fairytale garden with magical creatures that would be my friends! hahaha... now it sounds like I was a total nerd and had no friends XD but I did lol. I think this necklace is super cute!

14mm Swarovski heart in Crystal Moonlight and Light Rose flower hang from a heart chain, complete with a round toggle and leaf bails (all sterling silver). $35. Or $30 if you choose a 12mm flower.

Dinner with the extended family tonight ^_^ and then baby shower on Sunday... Stay tuned for photos of a custom order I did for the shower~

Thanks everyone~ Hope you like!


  1. yay my request :D i like the colours! they look really cute :D i dont know which colour i want now! lol xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. awwww yay ^_^ yeah I'm in love with these colors right now too... lol but there are so many cute combinations!!

  3. i know! the list is endless lol this one would look really cute with those pink heart dangly earrings tho! xxxx

  4. indeed! especially the diamonds in the sky earrings in pink with the crystal bicone beads would totally tie in with this~

  5. hey girl! thanks for dropping by!! i'll definitely have to check out more of your stuff... i like what i see so far :)

  6. Thank you ^_^ yeah, there's lots more photos on my main site,, my contest going on til the third week of August

  7. Thanks for dropping by my page! Those necklaces are so cute :D

  8. Thank you!! IF you like the necklaces, then you should look into entering my contest ~ you could win one~