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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Single Pendant Bracelet

Good Evening~

I had a pretty busy day today, went to a new bead store that I just heard of a couple of days ago... It was a long drive, which I had hoped would be worth it, but I got there and it was a total bust. They had crazy prices on everything, bad crazy lol, not good crazy, and a small selection... I bought an earring stand (which you might see in my post tomorrow) but I think I'm going to have to go back soon and switch it out because the holes that you put the earwires through are crooked :( Got home and hung my earrings on it before I noticed... They are very small holes but it's noticeable because it makes the earrings look like different lengths... So now I have to go back and hope they have a better one...

On a happier note, here is a cutely simple bracelet I put together before the bead store venture. Sterling Silver heart link chain, toggle, and bail accompanied by a 14mm heart pendant in Crystal Moonlight ~ that would go with any outfit. $30.

Thanks for reading! I'm hoping to have my "Etherial" collection up sometime tomorrow morning~
Oh and I also just created a new signature using Picnik... What do you think? Is it a keeper?


  1. the PERFECT bracelet! ahh i love itt! too bad for me, im broke at the moment.. =[

  2. Aw Thank you!! No worries, the bracelet will always be here to make~

  3. Its sooooo beautiful!

    love the signiture, really cute :) xxxxx

  4. Thank you! I will keep the signature then ^_^