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Sunday, July 26, 2009

~Ethereal Collection~


Super quick post here as I am getting late to a baby shower XD

Here is the "Ethereal" Collection... Many people (Twilight and Harry Potter fans mostly) have been asking about something like this, so they can wear it to tie in with their favorite book or to wear to go see the movies... So here it is~

Earrings first, there are six designs~ I only showed one of each pair so that they would all line up in one photo, so consider each one it's own separate pair~

Next is a necklace~

And an adorable charm bracelet~

I can also make this bracelet with a clear moon ~ price on this one is $25

And I can make the following charm bracelets in clear Swarovski Crystals as well~

Hope everyone enjoys! Sorry for such a short post, I've got to hurry and go get ready now, but if you have any questions leave me a comment~



  1. im in love the the moons and stars at night! so pretty, the last pair of earrings are catching my eyes too, beautiful! xxxx

  2. aww lovely pieces!
    the moons necklaces are so pretty
    and the bracelets as well =)

  3. I love the MOON AND STARS AT NIGHT bracelet is is beautiful!