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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good Evening All!

I just wanted to show you a quick picture of what I've been working on... It's yet to be titled and added to the website but here is a sneak peek!

I am debuting this piece, as well as Pink Coast Design's FIRST EARRING COLLECTION (Can you tell I am excited??? Haha...) in the morning, when I will update with more information on the blog, as well as update the main site.

Thank you all for reading~ Come back tomorrow for a full tour of the new pieces ^_^



  1. Oo pretty! Moonlit night? haha

  2. Oh I do like that name!! hmmm... was also thinking about Constellation... Which is best?? Haha I should do a vote...

  3. I think you should call it a bit of a twilight addicit! lol cant wait for the earrings! xxxxx

  4. Thank you!!! Lol I know so many who loooovvveee Twilight, however I don't wish to encroach on their copyrights so I can't name it that... However I am going to do an Ethereal collection sometime in the upcoming weeks ^_^ Let's just say there will be lots of stars and moons :)

  5. I know its such a big thing, we didnt even know about it in the uk till the film came out! when i went to see the movie there was like no one in the cinema! oooo sounds cute :) ill look out for it :D xxxxx

  6. Wow no one?!?! Many people here would be so jealous of you lol the theaters here had lines and people were packed into the theaters pretty much... Yeah I'm still working on getting the whole variety of pieces together but it's coming soon! ^_^

  7. yeah i know! if i had known then how popular it was then i would have been shocked too! but everyone i knew (apart from me and my mum lol) thought it looked rubbish and didnt even know it was a book!

    well i always look foward to seeing new ones :) xxxxxx

  8. Your peices are beautiful. I heard about your contest. Can you please contact me via email so we can talk about that?

  9. Thank you :) why don't you send me an email at with your questions ^_^